Sports Contacts

These are the sports and the contacts for for what is offered at Thurston High School.  If you have any other questions you can contact our Athletic Secretary, Lisa Minium ( or the Athletic Director, Justin Starck (

Baseball Mr. Minium
Boys Basketball Mr. Liberatore
Boys Golf Mr. Weidenmann
Boys Lacrosse Mr. Rodgers
Boys Soccer Mr. Martin
Boys Tennis Mr. Carey
Boys Track Mr. Gillespie
Cabaret Ms. Smith
Cheerleading Ms. Wendt
Football Mr. Starck
Girls Basketball Ms. DeFluri
Girls Golf Mr. Weidenmann
Girls Lacrosse Mr. Keener
Girls Soccer Mr. Canaga
Girls Tennis Mr. Carey
Girls Track Mr. Gillespie
OHSET Ms. Roberson
Softball Ms. Holte
Swimming Ms. Elliott
Volleyball Mr. Natt
Wrestling Mr. Simons
Athletic Trainer Mr. Evanson
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