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Students can now earn money to pay for school fee’s by working at the Uof O concessions.  There is a sign up link and if you need more information contact Justin Starck

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Hall of Fame Info




You have been selected to the Thurston High School’s Athletic Hall of Fame by the Thurston Hall of Fame Committee. The Thurston community has a rich history and tradition of athletic programs and accomplishments. This would not be true if it weren’t for the teams and individuals like yourself, who have demonstrated through their talent and effort, exceptional levels of achievement and competitive spirit.

Please join us as we celebrate you at our Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony. The event begins Friday, February 7, 2020 at a reception welcoming you and your guests. The event will take place in the Library at Thurston and will begin at 5:30 p.m. You will be introduced at the Thurston Boys Varsity basketball game. The game starts at 7:00 p.m. You will be introduced right before the game begins.

The next evening, Saturday, February 8, 2020,  we will formally induct you and your fellow honorees at the Hall of Fame dinner in the Thurston Cafeteria. The doors will open at 5:00 p.m., dinner is at 5:30 p.m. and the ceremony will begin at 6:00 p.m.

   Here is a check list of things that you will need to provide us with:

  • Please provide 5 10 pictures you have from high school and beyond. We would especially like photos of you in your uniform(s). These photos are due by October 18, 2019. All photos will be scanned and returned to you in a timely fashion.  You may submit photos that we can scan, or you can put them on a flash drive. You can send them to Thurston High School in care of Justin Starck or Sheila Lewellen
  • Please list your athletic accomplishments and honors by year. We have many of your accomplishments already, but we want to make sure our records are accurate. We would like to make bullet points for our program so list what you consider your highest achievements. Please return this paper with your pictures.
  • TICKETS – Two complimentary tickets will be provided; additional tickets must be purchased for $50 apiece. You may purchase them online,
  • mail in your order or purchase them at Thurston High School in our accounting department from Lisa McDaniel .  They will be available starting

November 1. I will be contacting you the first week in January for an accurate count of how many tickets you will need. We have to know a week in advance for ordering the dinners we have catered by Hole in the Wall BBQ. I will be sending out more information concerning tickets.

  • At the actual event on Saturday night you will need a person to introduce you (former coach or teacher, family member, friend or whomever you choose). It’s nice if they can focus on you and your athletic career at Thurston and after high school if it applies. You will then have the opportunity to speak as you accept your Hall of Fame Induction. You can talk about your experiences at Thurston as an athlete, your coaches, friends and teachers that supported you and other things that may come to mind.

You and your presenter are limited to 10 minutes. You may divide
       the time up however you choose. Thank You in advance for staying
       within the time frame! 

We are inducting 7 Individuals and one coach. We would like to keep the banquet at around 2 hours. Thank You in advance for honoring our time line.

Tentative Schedule for the Hall of Fame event: 

Friday, February 7,2020
5:30 PM- Hall of Fame Social. THS Library. Snacks and drinks provided.
6:20 PM- Optional THS Tour. Take a 30-minute guided tour of the school.
6:50 PM- Adjourn to the main gymnasium.
6:55 PM- Introductions of Hall of Fame Inductees.
7:00 PM- Tip-off  ( Boys game )

Saturday, February 8, 2020
            5:00 PM- Doors Open – THS Cafeteria
5:30 PM- Dinner
6:00 PM – Ceremony begins

On behalf of the Hall of Fame committee, I would once again like to say congratulations!
Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions you might have.

Email:          Phone: (call or text) 541-868-4306

Sheila Lewellen
Hall of Fame Chairman

2020 Thurston High School Hall of Fame Inductees 

Bryan Sorenson – ‘87                                                 Travis Harwell – ‘97

Lisa Beckham Stedman – ‘90                                   Sarah Barrett Levrets – ‘98

Angee Henderson Hunt – ‘91                                   Josh Heacock – ‘99

Josh Sessums – ’95                                            Coach  Sheila Lewellen – 1980 – present

Thurston High School Athletic Hall of Fame
Accomplishments and Honors

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Graduating Class: _________________________
Coaching Years: _____________________________

Sport(s): _____________________________________________________________________________________
List in a bullet point fashion 8 -10 of your top accomplishments

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Consent Form
Spanish Consent Form

Dear Thurston High School Families:

Thurston High School is committed to keeping all students safe from bullying, harassment, or physical aggression. THS is also committed to building positive and supportive teacher, student, and peer relationships. THS also works hard to restore these relationships if and when they have been harmed. We are currently partnering with the University of Oregon as a Control School for a research project that involves the following:
  • Asking students, parents and staff questions regarding the safety and school culture at Thurston High School
  • Students will be asked to complete a student survey at the beginning and end of the school year regarding their perspective of safety, bullying and the overall school culture at THS.

    Parents will be asked to complete a parent survey at the beginning and end of the school  year regarding their perspective of safety, bullying and the overall school culture at THS.

  • And Staff will also be asked to complete a staff survey at the beginning and end of the school year regarding their perspective of how bullying, safety and the overall school culture is at THS.
We are asking that you, as a parent, do the following:
  1. Review the attached Passive Parent Consent Form. (attached – English and Spanish versions)

    • If you are OK with your student participating in the activities listed above, you do not need to do anything.
    • If you DO NOT want your student to complete the student survey, please return the opt-out form to Thurston’s Main Office by November 13, 2019.
  2. Please then click on the link provided and complete the Parent Survey within the next four weeks:

Parents who complete the survey will receive $30.

For questions about the research study, please contact Claudia Vincent at Paper copies of the Parent Survey and Passive Parent Consent form are available at the THS’ Main Office. 
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Safe Stop

Want to know when your students bus has picked up and dropped off?  Check out this app that is available now.

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