Library Policies

Circulation Policies:
*  All textbooks have a school-year long checkout period, and are not charged over-due/late fees
*  Students may check out up to 3 library books at a time. All library books (except for Reference books) have a 2-week checkout period, and may be renewed up to 3 times.
*  Reference books have a limited check out period – 2-week check out, overnight only, or none.

We are currently working with SPS Technology Services Department to make it possible to send email reminders to students of library book due dates (much like public libraries offer). If you would also like to be notified via email of due dates, please email your name, email address, and your student’s full name
to Gina Gervase (

Library Rules:
1.  All students are required to have their ID card to check out books.
2.  All students are required to have their ID card to access a computer in the library, as well as having a signed Student Agreement for Electronic Communications Systems Usage form on file.
3.  No Food or Drink. Students who bring food in the library will be asked to throw it away. Drinks, of any kind in any type of container may be placed on the front counter on the red mat.
4.  Please refrain from making or taking phone calls while in the library.

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