Language Arts Department

Meet the Language Arts Teachers:

Many teachers use Google Classroom to post homework, handouts, and other information.   Current grades can be seen on StudentVue/ParentVue.  Ask if you need a code.

Joe Roberson – Publications –
Courses:   American Literature, Newspaper, Yearbook, Literature of the West.

Caroline Koopford –
Courses:  AP Language, College Now Writing 121, 122

Will Ritter –
Courses: Teacher Cadets, Short Story and Poetry, Mythology and Expository Writing

Robert Morales –
Courses:   American Literature, Science Fiction, German 

Robin Erickson –
Courses:  Freshman Literature & FLT

Mike Hanson –
Courses:  Read/Write Lab, Fuel Ed, Film as Literature & Expository Writing

Erica Pierson –
Courses:  Freshman Literature & FLT

Sarah Baird-Reed –
Courses:  English 10


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