Dr. Chad R. Towe – Principal –   noid1y01727
Dr. Towe has spent 14 years in public education both internationally and here in the United States.  His hope is that his passion for education, and its optimistic influence, will help the community of Thurston.

Missy Cole – Assistant Principal –
co69344Missy Cole has been an assistant principal at Thurston High School for 3 years.  She is committed to providing equity and education for Thurston’s diverse student body.  Missy’s unique ability to work with staff and students makes her a tremendous asset to Thurston and our community.

Sun Saeteurn – Assistant Principal –
Sun has been with Thurston for 2 years now from Salem, Oregon.
Sun is here to help with school climate, instruction, and to help make  su79721
Thurston an amazing place for all to learn.


Jared Taylor – Dean of Students –
Jared is responsible for overall climate and safety at Thurston High
School.  His years of experience coupled with his unique to build
relationships with students, staff and our community make him
a helpful and understanding asset to the team.TA70563