“Thurston High School is a caring community dedicated to preparing graduates for a successful future by educating, supporting, and inspiring all learners.”

We’re Proud …

We are proud that Thurston students, staff, parents, and our community work together to create a culture of the highest academic and relational standards. Thurston students, along with our staff, make academic and social contributions in an environment that values and accepts all learners.

Core Education

Thurston staff is dedicated to preparing our students for post-secondary success. Our challenging and rigorous core academic classes, in conjunction with our unique ability to build strong relationships, creates an instructional, academic, and behavioral focus that builds the necessary skills for students’ success in the 21st century.

Reading and writing strategies are integrated across the curriculum. Math classes are aligned with rigorous state standards that promote authentic understanding. The science curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving that prepares students for careers in science and engineering.

Thurston also offers an array of Advanced Placement (AP), College Now and honors options.


  • Curriculum aligned to state and national standards
  • Teacher growth model encouraged by student, and professional, learning goals
  • Research-based teaching
  • Sequenced curriculum that promotes college prep
  • Cultivating healthy relationships—students-to- student, staff-to-student, staff-to-parents, and school-to-community
  • Teacher-to-teacher observations
  • Collaboration opportunities


THS believes in the relationship between extracurricular participation and academic achievement.

THS provides numerous elective opportunities including: Athletics—football, soccer, basketball, swimming, softball, golf, track, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, cross-country and baseball • Fine Arts Programs—marching band, drama, orchestra, woodwinds, percussion and dance • Electives— leadership, woodshop, metal fabrication, robotics, electric cars, 3D printing, child development, DECA, and peer group • Clubs—sex trafficking prevention, gay- straight alliance, well water testing, multicultural club, Superintendent’s Advisory Committee, and student V.O.I.C.E, just to name a few!