Thurston High School is focused on academic rigor, excellence and our school culture is such that we provide a warm and welcoming climate that builds strong relationships between, student, staff, and our community.  Our AP course offerings are increasing and currently include; AP Government, AP Calculus and AP Literature, and several others, which can be found under the Academics tab.  Thurston is currently working to expand Honors option course offerings, which will act as a way for students to access a more demanding curriculum that leads to AP courses and college readiness.  All of Thurston’s academic departments, listed here, are working hard to ensure your students’ success and are eager to work with you in a partnership towards Thurston graduation.

Jupiter Grades and Naviance are web based programs designed to connect both the parent and student to academics, learning and personal growth opportunities, and post secondary education.  Jupiter Grades is a real-time grade book that can be accessed by both parents and students.  If you are having trouble accessing grades on Jupiter Grades please do not hesitate to contact Thurston’s main office.  Naviance is a tool being utilized across grade levels in an effort to provide clear and accessible paths towards college visits, scholarship opportunities, PrepMe (a study tool for the ACT) , and acceptance to post secondary opportunities.

School to work includes coordinating and facilitating “Career Related Learning” events available each year to students at THS. It also strives to increase student awareness of steps to achieving success in less traditional careers that often require apprenticeships and further education other than college. STW will also assist in setting us job shadows often required by teachers. The STW desk is in the library.