Friday 5/28 Update

Good Afternoon Colts and Colt Families,

I hope this beautiful Friday finds you all well and ready for a three-day weekend.  This holiday comes at the perfect time for staff here at THS to recharge and get ready for the last three weeks of the year, including graduation next Thursday and Friday.

Congratulations to the Class of 2021!  We are very proud of the 275 seniors who have sacrificed so much in the last 14 months.  This class, along with the Class of 2020, will be remembered as resilient, flexible, and strong.  They are our heroes.

For seniors, today was their last day. There were a mix of emotions today as the seniors said their goodbyes, took pictures with staff and friends, and walked out the gates for the last time as students.


All students should be looking around for items to be returned to Thurston High School.  Textbooks, library books, chromebooks (with their chargers), hotspots, uniforms, etc. can all be returned when they are no longer needed.  Seniors can return their items Tuesday, June 1st in the library if they haven’t done so already.

June Calendar

Below is the June calendar.  Please note that there are classes on Wednesday, June 16th.














Graduation is June 3rd and 4th.  Seniors and Senior parents have received written instructions via email.  An instructional video will be released today to seniors and their families.

Summer School

Thurston High School will host free, in-person summer learning opportunities! These include Classes for Credit (July 6th-15th and July 19th-29th), Enrichment Camps (August 9th-13th and August 16th-20th), and the SAIL Program at University of Oregon (July 26th-30th).

For more complete information, and an opportunity to express interest/RSVP, follow these links:

Scholarship and Awards Video

Our Scholarship and Awards Night is again presented in video format.  We are looking forward to being able to celebrate our students’ achievements in person next year.  Thank you to Jordan Magill for putting together this years Scholarship and Awards video.  We appreciate all of Jordan’s behind the scene work here at THS.  The video can be viewed here:

In closing, the end of the school year is near and sometimes sneaks up on students.  Keep nudging your student(s) to be aware of their grades, and what outstanding work needs to be turned in.  Finals for grades 9-11 are Wednesday, June 16th and Thursday, June 17th.  Enjoy the sunny and warm weather this weekend.



Chris Reiersgaard
Interim Principal
Thurston High School
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