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Returning to Thurston High School for In-Person Learning

There are a lot of questions regarding options for students who wish to remain in our Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) model versus Hybrid In-person learning.  The answer is: THS will not be offering CDL as we will be moving to a in-person, hybrid model.  Students who wish to NOT return to in-person learning at THS, must complete a transfer form to enroll with SPS Online no later than March 17th.

SPS Online is a seperate program ran through the District, not THS.  For high schooler, the SPS Online program does not involve daily, virtual classes with teachers like students have now.  SPS Online is a more independent, online curriculum, where District teachers will check-in with students occasionally. Students must work asynchronously and turn their work in on their own.

If a student wishes to either return from SPS Online to THS or leave THS for SPS Online, they need to fill out a transfer form.  This form needs to be filled out and returned to Amy Stephens at the District Office by no later than March 17th.  The District Office is located at: 640 A Street Springfield, Oregon.

The transfer form can be found here:



Please Note:   If you cannot print the transfer form from home, copies can be obtained in the THS Main Office from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Specific questions regarding SPS Online can be directed to SPS Online’s Principal, Dennis Gray at

Chris Reiersgaard
Interim Principal
Thurston High School

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