Welcome to Thurston High School!

“For our students, staff, and families of color, we stand with you. We commit to creating and sustaining equitable, safe and welcoming schools. We know that racism persists in direct and indirect ways and we will address it. Please know that we see and hear you. We stand with you and will work to eradicate the sources of fear that have taken hold of everyday actions that should be safe.”  To see the full letter from our Superintendent go to this link.

THS Hotline: 541-744-5156

Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

It is time to register for Fall Sports HERE.  We will not be taking payments at this time for sports due to the uncertainty of the current pandemic and future school year planning.





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Textbooks, Technology, Instruments, Uniforms and Yearbooks

Yearbooks will be available for $65.00 at the drop-off site as well.  Please bring a check, payable to Thurston High School if you didn’t pre-order.
See you next week.  Enjoy your summer.

Site  School             School School School
Thurston High School Thurston High  Only
Thurston Middle School   Thurston Middle School Thurston Ridgeview Walterville
Agnes Stewart Middle School Agnes Stewart Douglas Gardens Mt. Vernon Riverbend
Briggs Middle School Yolanda Maple Page
Hamlin Middle School  Hamlin Middle School Centennial Guy Lee Two Rivers-Dos Rios
Springfield High School    Springfield High School Gateways A3
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Celebrating Sr’s

Seniors – Follow the link below to help Thurston High School celebrate you and your graduation!

Seniors – ¡Sigue el enlace de abajo para ayudar a Thurston High School a celebrar tu y tu graduación!


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Appts w/Counselors

BREAKING NEWS!   The THS counselors have now set up their calendars so students can set up appointments to meet with their counselors online! 

How to schedule a Google Meet Appointment with your school counselor….

  • Find your counselor’s name below and click the link for her appointment times.
  • You will be taken to your counselor’s calendar where you will see available “appointment times.” 
  • Make sure you look at the top left corner of the calendar to see what week you are looking at. You can use the arrow on the pointing to the right to click forward.
    • Counselors are opening times a week at a time for now.
    • Come back each week to see new open times for the upcoming week.
  • Click on the date and time that works for you. 
  • Read the notes in the “details” box. 
  • Once you have hit “save” you will be sent a confirmation email to your school district email account. 
  • The email will have an auto-generated google meet link. Your counselor will use that link or email you a specific google meet nickname to use for your meeting.
  • If you have questions, email your counselor directly.
  • We are excited to start meeting with you again! We have missed you!!!

Click on your Counselor’s Name below to find their calendars to schedule an appointment.

Damaris Carlson – Counselor for last names A-E (damaris.carlson@springfield.k12.or.us)

Jeannie Evans – Counselor for last names F-L (jeannine.evans@springfield.k12.or.us)

Rebecca Macemon – Counselor for last name M-R (rebecca.macemon@springfield.k12.or.us)

Amy Stranieri – Counselor for last names S-Z (amy.stranieri@springfield.k12.or.us)

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Logging into your Google classroom?

Google Classroom Login

1. Go to https://portal.springfield.k12.or.us/

2. Username is first.last (There is a limit of 20 characters. If your first and last name are more than 20 characters than you can reach out to a teacher for the student or THS and get the username)
3. Password is first two letters, first letter capitalized, and then their student ID number.
4. All student applications will now be an option. To access Google Classroom click on the icon for google classroom.
5. You may be asked to sign into your School Google Account. #2 and #3 are the same for School Google Account.
For a video of how a student can sign into the SPS Portal, click here.
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New A/B Schedule

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 10.10.10 AM

State guidance requires six(6) classes maximum.  Check parentvue or studentvue for your up to date schedule.

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